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With the ever increasing expenses of moving house, you will likely be trying to save money at every possible chance. There are however corners that should not be cut, as you may find that they come back to bite you in the future. One of these points at which you could save a bit of cash is in purchasing second hand boxes, but there are some serious pitfalls involved in using these, as you will no doubt find out down the page. Buying removals boxes SW3 is essential, because they will be brand new and untouched, and will not have any of the problems cause by the unseen defects that older or used boxes may have, which can cause disasters during your move.

If you think about a flat packed box, all of its structure lies in the corner edges, where, once the box has been taped up appropriately, you will find the best load bearing surface. The rigid nature of these corners means that boxes can be stacked on top of each other and stay well balanced, as none of the boxes have any give, meaning that they form a solid set of structures, and will be very safe in transit. If you were to put a faulty link in the proverbial chain, and one of the boxes had a kink in an edge, or came undone easily because the tape would not stick, then the whole thing would collapse, (unless the faulty box was on top and had no weight on it).

This is the reason that you need to buy new boxes, as you will be filling them with your most precious items, and therefore cannot risk a collapse in the van. Older boxes can have unseen weaknesses, where tape has been pulled off and made the edges less able to adhere to new tape, or folds in the wrong places from being battered a bit during another move. The kind of issues that we are mentioning may sound overly dramatic and a bit silly, but they are realistic, and can certainly happen, and if your boxes are stacked in the back of your SW3 removals van, and they fall, then the effect is like dominoes, everything will get hit, and more damage could be done to your items than just breakages in that one box.

Another problem with older boxes is that the taped seams can come loose, as mentioned above, which is a disaster if the bottom of the box falls out whilst being carried, as even the most careful and professional SW3 removals expert will not be expecting that to happen, and it would take them by surprise, meaning that all of your items in that box would go everywhere! You may also find that recycled boxes will be covered in writing, that will make things confusing, even if you cross it all out, which can be seriously annoying when you’re trying to do things quickly on the day of the move.

Buying second hand boxes may safe you about twenty quid, but the repercussions of that saving could be to the tune of hundreds of pounds. Is that that kind of money that you are willing to risk for the sake of saving a few quid in the first place? I’d be surprised if anyone thought it worth it, so be a sensible mover and buy new, strong, sturdy boxes, and plenty of packing tape!

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