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Finding the right storage can be a real nightmare. There are so many things to consider during the hubbub of downsizing, moving abroad, or whatever reason you may have for storing things, that it will often be left until the last minute, causing problems at the worst possible time during the move. We know how it feels, and would like to offer a hand in the form of a set of hints and tips, that will get you thinking about storage well before it becomes too late to consider your options for the right storage in Shepherds Bush.

Firstly, consider how much you need to store. Sell off everything that you know that you want to get rid of, and donate all that you can’t sell to a worthwhile charity. Reducing the amount that you need to store can be a major part of getting things right in the future, so take care that you are not keeping things for the sake of ease! When you are positive that you are only keeping that which you really need, find out the sizes of storage available to you, and find a room in your house that is similar. Attempt to get the bulk of your items in to the room, if you can’t tell whether the space will accommodate all of your stuff. Another thing to keep in mind is the mode of transport that you will be using, will all of your items fit in to the van that you are using, or will you have to rent a larger vehicle? Knowing the size of your vehicle will give you a good idea as to how much you will get in to your locker. We recommend that you chose a unit that is slightly larger than you need, in order to avoid any nasty surprises when you arrive, and help prevent any damage caused to your items while attempting to cram them in to a less than accommodating space.

When you know what size your storage unit needs to be, then you can start to compare quotes for that size. Units in the city will be far more expensive than those out in the country, as rental rates are a lot higher in urban areas where space is of a premium. If you decide to go cheaper and head out into the sticks, then be wary of the savings getting lesser as you spend money driving all the way to the unit! There are various types of storage on offer, from large international companies that offer storage facilities in every part of the world, to private, one off land owners who are offering a little space in a garage or barn. Be wary of standalone individuals if they seem to have no ties to the place that you are storing your things, as you may turn up one day and find all of your items missing! Be sure to have adequate contact details of wherever you decide on, should anything go wrong.

Consider that which you are storing. Is it valuable, or fairly unimportant? There are often issues with temperature changes in storage units, as they usually consist of metal units in a large warehouse with a concrete floor. In extreme climates, the metal will heat up or cool down considerably, affecting the temperature within your unit. Wood and other materials can be severely affected by temperature change, warping furniture and even putting wooden instruments like pianos out of tune! Damp and rodents may also be an issue, should you be renting a unit on a farm or in a garage, rather than a large warehouse provider.

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