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Women are not famous as brilliant packers. It is not that they forget things, not at all. The problem is just the opposite – they take everything they see and usually they have so many things. When the lady is travelling with her own car this can not be so good idea, but it is not a huge problem as well. But in case you have to use airlines, you have to follow some rules, so you will not spending your money for extra luggage fees.

Many women are occupying high positions in business companies and they often have to travel as this is significant part of their job. That is why it is good for the ladies to have a list for the most useful things they have to take, in order not to lose so many efforts every time they have to go somewhere.

When we are talking about the dress code of a business meeting few people can go wrong with that. The suit and the official shoes, which for the case with the women are supposed to be with semi-high or high heels, are mandatory. So no matter how much you hate them, you have to take at least one pair that will match the suits you are taking with you.

As the suits are mentioned, you have to know that they are probably the most important thing to be prepared for a business trip. Many people recommend no dry cleaning for clothes before the trip, but this can be very hazardous especially when you are not sure if there is a place to do that in the hotel you are going to. So either call them and check or prepare your suits in the best way to be worn and took them as they are with the plastic bags from the drycleaner.

The toiletries are special part of the luggage for everyone, but for women they are of a great importance. As ladies are relaying very much on their looks and want to keep it perfect all the time, the loss or the forgetting of some of the these items can be crucial and influence significantly the self-esteem of the woman. Here are few things for which you have to be absolutely sure you have taken with you on the business trip you are going. Take body soap or puff with you, because most of the hotel chains do not supply with one for its clients. The toothbrush and paste in travel size have to be ready for the trip at all time and to have a pair of shower shoes will also be a good idea. Standing with bear feet in the bathroom is not so pleasant thing to do.

Some situations are inevitable like spots, so a small bottle of bleach water can turn out to be very useful in this situation. The travel size sanitizer can be very good as well, because you will feel your hands dirty often during the trip. In case you are carrying a deodorant with you, be careful where you are putting it, because you may have problems with that at the check desk on the airport. There are some requirements for the quantity and the type of liquids and gels that you are taking with you on the plane.

Keep your documents for identification, credit cards and insurances on one hand reach. What people rarely do, but it may turn out to be very important and wise is to make copies of all these documents, including the ticket and put them on the bottom of the suitcases and another copy back home with the family.

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