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So you have decided to sell your Uxbridge home and move to a new area, congratulations. Now, before you start anything else, let’s consider your packing. Leaving your packing to the last minute will make the move much more stressful and much less enjoyable, what you should do is start packing as soon as you make the decision to move house to Uxbridge.

First and foremost, you will need packaging supplies, without these you cannot start your packing. To make the move as stress free as possible, buy these materials as soon as you can, here is a list of things you might need:

• Cardboard boxes
• Wrapping Tape
• Permanent markers (for labelling)
• Labels, such as ‘this way up’ or ‘fragile’
• Bubble Wrap
• Foam peanuts

Why should I start packing as soon as I decide to move?

When people come to view your home, they won’t want to see all of your personal belongings, photographs, etc. cluttering up the space, and leaving these on show means that potential buyers aren’t able to see themselves living in the house as easily.

When you leave packing to the last minute it tends to get rushed and things end up being thrown hastily into boxes. Starting the packing early means that you can take your time and package and protect your belongings well. You will also have time to label each of the boxes and consider what to pack in each box so that it is quicker for you to unpack when you get to your new home, and so that you don’t pack anything delicate in with something that could potentially damage it.

The more time you have to pack the less stressful it is, if you want a day off packing you probably can because you have plenty of time and will have already started the packing. Whereas, if you leave your packing to the last minute you most likely wouldn’t have the option to have a night off. Furthermore, having more time to pack means that you can make the Uxbridge packing experience more fun.

You might find that you have some items that are particularly fragile or delicate, or difficult to protect and package. As you’ve started packing early, you will have the time to research ‘the best ways to protect your grand piano’ or ‘how to best wrap and protect a grandfather clock’. One of the biggest stresses involved in a move is when sentimental and valuable items such as these get damaged during transit. Of course this is always a possibility with these kinds of items, but the risk of this is greatly reduced if they are properly wrapped and protected and secured properly during transit.

How can I make the boring task of packing more fun?

There are plenty of things that you can do to help make packing more fun and less tedious. Don’t try to tackle too much packing one go, break the packing job up into easy to manage chunks so that you don’t become sick of it too quickly.

Get the family involved in the packing process as much as possible. If any family members are struggling to accept the house removal Uxbridge, they may feel better if they are made to feel a part of it, furthermore, it means the packing will be done quicker and will be much more enjoyable. Consider playing some music, make a playlist and let everyone choose a couple of songs to add. You could turn packing into a game, for example the ‘Who bought us this game’, the ‘How much did this cost’ game, the ‘where shall we put this in the new house’ game.

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