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This very prestigious and expensive area of London, located in SW5 and SW10, is home to many of the stars, and boasts previous residents like the Princess of Wales and Freddie Mercury. If you’re planning a move here, then expect to mingle with the rich and famous. Before that however, you will have to deal with your move. One of the most demanding and time consuming areas of moving home is the packing, but by following the tips below, you can make sure you have everything you need to pack quickly and effectively.

Good quality boxes

These will be essential for most of your packing, and are perfect for moving most items securely and safely. You can often pick up unwanted boxes from local shops in your area for free, as they will only throw them away most of the time. For more delicate and speciality items, removal companies and online retailers have a number of specially designed packing containers for moving home. One of the best and cheapest solutions though, is to keep and use the boxes you that you purchased your things in in the first place, as these are tailor made to fit your goods and are normally very sturdy. To get the most out of your boxes, especially older ones, you can double tape them when sealing and add tape to the seams of the box, which will add some further strength.

Tape and Stanley knife

Make sure to get good heavy duty masking or packing tape to seal your boxes. This will then work very well with the box strengthening tip mentioned above. Heavy tape is preferable because it has a wider width and will stick down much better than everyday selo tape, which might come loose leaving your items open to potential damage when moving. Secondly, a Stanley knife is the best option for cutting tape, as you won’t have to try and get under the tape like you would with scissors. Both items are widely available and won’t set you back much financially. They will also come in handy for a number of other things that you might need to do around he house when moving in, so are well worth getting hold of.

Labels and marker pens

Having your boxes labelled and organised will save you a lot of time in the long run, so make sure to invest in either some small stick on labels or marker pens so you can mark which room your boxes need to be placed in and what they contain, e.g.: ‘Kitchen – cutlery’ and so on. It can be helpful to colour code boxes according to rooms, so you can unpack them quickly to the right place at a glance. Sticky labels or marker pens are equally good here, but make sure that your labels are big enough to be clear. These items are easy to pick up online or from an stationary store.

Moving Trolley

While this may seem like an unnecessary expense, it can be a real life saver when it comes to very heavy items, especially if you are doing the move yourself without professionals. You can find these not only online but at most DIY stores, and they come in various sizes. Trolleys are extremely good for taking the strain off when transferring items to your van/home, and will leave you with more energy to tackle what heavy lifting has to be done. Even once your Earls Court move is complete, they can be useful to have around for any heavy lifting you might have to do in the future.

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