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Moving house to the area of Barnet in London soon? The packing and moving process will be equally exhausting and time-consuming, but they aren’t even the toughest ones. Most people who have moved house will tell you that it’s in fact unpacking that’s the toughest process of a house move. Opening all the boxes, taking out the items, unwrapping and cleaning them and then putting them at the right spots is indeed a lengthy and tiresome process. If you have a deadline things tend to get even harder.

Starting to unpack, you need to have a clear schedule and a plan. You can’t just open all the boxes and create a total mess around you. Focus on one room and box at a time and make sure the same applies for your family. If your children are not too young, then they can start unpacking their rooms, after you have placed the furniture pieces and assembled the beds. Be smart about it and move the largest items into the room first. Don’t forget to unroll the carpets and place them first too, so you don’t have to do it after everything’s been arranged.

Understand that time really is your friend in the unpacking process. If you book off enough time to unpack after the first few days after the relocation, then you’ll manage much quicker. Just the evenings after work and the weekend really isn’t enough and it will take you weeks to finish. Don’t expect that your children can unpack the most of the items, especially if they have to go back to school immediately after the relocation. If you can’t take days off in order to unpack and arrange your home, then prepare a schedule and focus on getting things done in the evenings. It can be tough after a long day at work, but it’s the best chance you have for actually settling down within some reasonable timeline. Save your weekend for the hardest tasks and boxes to unpack. Some items will require full washing, some places might require repairs.

Allow your children to have their space while unpacking their belongings. Discuss whether the colours of their rooms appeal to them and if not – then let them choose new colours. Rooms that have multi uses will take some more time to be unpacked and fully arranged. Allow your children to voice their opinion and look for the best way to separate the room visually so it can be used for different purposes.

The first thing always to unpack is each member of the family’s essential bag or box. If you have managed to pack the right essentials, then the first night and few days after the relocation will be much easier, because you will have all the necessary things you need.

One of the popular tips for unpacking is to start with the two most essential rooms – the kitchen and the bathroom. Then, you should proceed with assembling all the beds, putting on the mattresses, taking out the blankets, pillows and linen and ensuring each member of the family can have a shower and a rest on the first night. Don’t rush to set the TV and the computer or you risk being distracted by them.

Unpacking is a lengthy process that you need to plan just as well as the packing and moving processes.

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