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To the north of London rises a great set of hills, a terrain that would daunt the most fearless of city cyclists. A top these great inclines are some particularly picturesque parts of the world however, the village green feel of Highgate village is like the country side in the city, and further west the lanes become twisty and narrow, as if travelling through the Home Counties! If you’ve been lucky enough to find your self in a position to start renting, or even buying a new place in north west London, then make sure that you pay attention to our tips for moving magic in Hampstead, to ensure a quick, easy and stress free move!

Do not let your self become too daunted by the task ahead. It is very easy to let the pressure of the move and the fear of the big day dominate your mind while you prepare for the event. If you have given your self enough time to get every thing sorted, and looked ahead for any potential problems then you’re half way there. Keep calm and carry on, as the British would say. We recommend leaving a day at least to pack up each room, and also that you enlist the whole family in to the process, as more hands and bodies mean quicker work. Be very thorough in briefing any one that helps out however, as a job done badly could mean accidents and breakages, and you will have to re pack anything that has been done incorrectly.

Assign your work force, whether family and friends, or hired help, the task of making sure that all of the little annoying jobs are always being attended to. Keeping the house clear of litter from the packing process will quicken your cleaning day up tenfold. Start to get all of your affairs in order for the new house, including setting up the postal redirection in good time for the move. We recommend having it start on the day of the move, so that you arrive to your new home with it already sorted. Email everyone that needs to know about your new address well in advance, with the date of effect included, and remember to change your email and letter heads should you use them! Get to know the new house before the move, and allow time for a deep clean and any redecorating that needs doing before the move, as it will be infinitely easier to manage when the house is free of clutter and furniture. If you want to change the locks then do so as soon as you can to avoid the locksmith being in the way!

Use an approved removals company who are part of the British Association of Removers, as they will conform to their guidelines for safe and efficient practice. Brief your team on everything that you can think of about the move to make sure that there are no time wasting errors. One particularly good tip is to draw up a plan of the new property and include where larger items of furniture go so that they will not have to be moved as much in the future. Label each box well so that you know where each one goes and what is inside every single one. This will help in an emergency, should you need to access an items hastily. Label each room in the new property so that the movers are certain that they have got everything in it’s correct place.

Keep out handy tips in mind, and you shouldn’t have a worry in the world!

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