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The prospect of hiring a packing service may seem a bit far-fetched and overly luxurious to you, some would even say lazy and a waste of money, but in actual fact, there are many positives to be drawn from the liberty of not having to pack things! We’re here to let you know -when it comes to London removals – why you should hire a WC1 packing service, and why in actual fact, it may not be as ridiculous as some may suggest!

So, a packing service, what does it entail? Well, you can get all sorts of different levels of packing service, from having your extremely delicate things packed professionally to make sure that there is no chance of the being broken in transit, to having absolutely everything in your house wrapped and boxed by a team of removals company packers! This is all in accordance with the huge range of services offered by WC1 removals companies nowadays, which is all designed to make your move as easy and hands free as possible, for the right price. From packing and moving to storage and delivery, a removals company can do it all, so it is well worth finding out what extra costs the extra services will entail on top of your regular removals rate, as you may well be surprised.

If you have booked early and are in a position of making a saving on your removals anyway, then you may find that adding in a packing service will only make up the difference of the original amount, so it could be that you just view the extra as free in terms of what you should normally have paid, in which case you are being given the gift of time and stress free living, well, in comparison with a normal move where you pack everything. With an eye on the costs of the process, and how things can escalate; some companies will only insure that which they have packed themselves. This may seem like common sense, or it may seem like a scam to you, it’s hard to tell either way. On one hand the company do not want to be shelling out for damages that were unavoidable because of your terrible wrapping of delicate items, while on the other hand, there could be a scam in which you are forced to pay for the wrapping process for fear that the removals people will be rough handed with your items and you will have to replace them yourself, it is difficult to know.

Either way, this may be the factor that convinces you to get the packing service, but if not, then the luxury of not having to worry about that major part of the WC1 move will be the clincher. You will be able to spend much more time with friends and family, and the weight of the move will be a lot less, leaving you free to organize all sorts of other bits and pieces without having to stress over getting the packing done. It may not be of a worry to you, but for many, the packing service will free them up to be able to work a couple of extra days, which will probably either earn you just as much as the pacing service costs, or give you an extra couple of days paid holiday in the future!

So there you have it, some lesser considered elements that a packing service can bring. If you aren’t convinced now, then you’ll never be!

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