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When you are looking to get your belongings stored, you should remember that you are doing so to ensure that you are retaining their worth for when you need them. There is no point in getting storage in the first place if you are basically using it as a dumping ground for our junk, so be sure that the things that you are storing in the first place as things that you actually want to keep or look after, and that you can ensure that they are kept in this condition. Storage facilities are usually very safe, but there are things that you should be aware of when you are getting things stored that can affect the ways in which you do things, in order to ensure that your belongings remain intact and useful to you, whether monetarily or just in terms of working!

For a start, you need to think of how you are going to pack your items for storage. Packing boxes are fine for short term storage, but they can decompose slightly if the air is a little damp, and over time this can cause serious problems. You will find also that as the boxes loose their shape through damp, their structure will start to sag, and this will mean that any boxes that are stacked will potentially fall down! One good way to prevent this happening is to wrap the outsides of the boxes with plastic wrap, to ensure that moisture won’t get in to the boxes. This is essential for any textiles that you may be storing, like upholstered furniture and the like, as it will prevent the materials getting damp, and also prevent pests that may be able to get in to the unit form getting at the fabrics and eating them!

Loading up the storage unit is one part of the process where you can safe guard against issues that may result in the tarnishing of your belongings, and it is often that bad stacking will be the cause of things marking each other, or bits and pieces falling down and causing damage. If you are sensible about protecting things, then you should not have much to worry about, but be sure to be vigilant when you are loading up the unit, as this will be the kind of time that you need to be careful of what is sitting on what, and where the damage could lie. Place sheets of card between any surfaces that will be in contact for a long time, as the pressure could be an issue. When you are sliding things in to place you may well find that things scratch each other, and it is a good idea to have a piece of card in place to stop this happening.

Make sure that you utilize the space in the unit well, and ensure that you order a unit that will fit things comfortably, so that you can move things around in there. You should leave a path way or channel through the middle of the piles so that you can access things easily enough, should you need to get one thing out without disrupting the rest of the load! This is the kind of thing that will prevent you from getting frustrated with how much you have in there, and will mean that you can ensure that your items are not going to get thrown about when you next have to visit the locker or storage unit!

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