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Ealing, (sited in the borough of the same name) is England’s feature film capital. It’s studios have released the films in the revived St Trinian’s franchise, as well as the horror comedy classic Shaun of the Dead. Yes, this district has the Hollywood credentials, but it’s also a convenient place to live. It’s well served by many public transport stations including the London Underground.

Now then, if you’re considering a move, here are four steps to make life easier:

Plan carefully

A good plan is the foundation of successful move. Make a packing schedule and an inventory, so you can keep track of your most important possessions, and so you know which things you can leave until the day before you move. With a schedule, you can also reduce moving stress, considering you know exactly what needs to be taken care of.

Make sure you’ve worked out a driving schedule too, complete with directions and driver shifts. That way you can avoid the risks of getting lost, and the risks of tiredness at the wheel at the same time.

Take care when packing

When packing, be sure to use only the highest quality materials, especially in boxes containing your breakables. A sturdy made for purpose moving box is less likely to split under the weight than that box your microwave arrived in five years ago. Be sure to use multiple layers of bubble wrap too, for additional security.

Don’t waste space and cardboard boxes on non-fragile items such as clothes and blankets. Plastic bags, preferably heavy duty ones will suffice. They’ll take up less room in the van and will be neatly organised to boot.

Lastly, make sure all of the containers, whether they’re bags or boxes, are clearly labelled by room. This will reduce the unpacking headaches, seeing as you can clearly see everything has a place.

Hire the right people for the job

Whether you’re using a removal company, a man with van service, or even renting a van and doing it yourself, it’s vital that you hire the right company for you. A local business that’s going to provide you with the customer service that you expect at the right price. Do research, look on the internet, look through the yellow pages, the small ads, even ask people you know. Then after that, shop around for the best possible deal.

The right company should at the very least offer basic services, like guide ropes with their vans to ensure secure loading. They should have insurance cover too, they should have your best interests at heart. If you do your research properly, you’re sure to avoid the cowboys.

Tie up all of the loose ends before you leave

For you and your family (particularly children), this might be the hardest thing to do. Even though staying in touch with people from a distance is far easier than it used to be, proper face to face socialising is a very important thing for a human being, and by tying up the loose ends, the moving process will most likely be made smoother.

So then, with your new home just around the corner, making the move will be a breeze after following these four steps. Just remember to keep in mind; you’re moving for the greater good. By which I mean for your family’s or your career’s sake.

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