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The closer you live to London, and the nicer the area the property is situated in is, the more expensive property prices tend to be.  As a result of this you, in order to live in the Camden area, you may find that you have to downsize from your house to a smaller Camden apartment.

Moving into a smaller home will more than likely mean that you have to get rid of some of your things in order to actually fit into it. This means having a severe de-clutter and getting rid of anything you do not need, use or want, now is no time to be sentimental. To do this, collect some boxes and label them:

•    Keep
•    Store
•    Sell
•    Donate
•    Recycle
•    Throw away

Go through the house room by room and place everything within that room in one of these boxes. Once you have finished you should have pretty much an empty house.  The things that you are going to keep you will need to store in your home ready to be moved to your new apartment, and anything labelled for storage can be placed there now.  The things you wish to sell should be considered, some of the things that are worth some money and are in good condition can be sold privately to recover some of the removal costs, the rest would most likely be better suited to something like a car boot sale.

When you are trying to decide whether or not you want to keep something, you should think about the following:

•    Do I use it and/or need it?
•    Do I have more than one thing to do one job?
•    Is it sentimental to me or anyone in the household?
•    Is it in good condition? Is it likely to need replacing soon?
•    Will you need or use it in your new apartment?

Get blueprints to your Camden apartment so you know how much space you have, and plan out where everything is going to go within your new home to make sure it all fits, in your planning remember to keep everything to scale. Keep this to use on removal day, when you arrive at your new Camden apartment with all your stuff you can use this blueprint to place the things into your new home and help you to settle in quicker.

While initially you might not think that moving into a smaller property is going to be beneficial to you, it is likely that you are going to be pleasantly surprised, there are a number of advantages to living in a cosier home:

•    It is easier to clean, both the initial deep clean you should give a new property, but in terms of keeping it clean and doing your daily cleaning routine.
•    It will be easier, quicker and cheaper to decorate and keep in a good state of repair.
•    It will be easier to maintain, heating and fuel costs will be cheaper and smaller homes stay warmer for longer, reducing the amount you spend on utility bills. Furthermore, things like taxes and insurance are cheaper.
•    Smaller homes are generally considered easier to sell, partly because they are cheaper and therefore more affordable to a higher percentage of people.
•    Smaller homes mean than the people living in the house are forced to spend time and interact with each other, often meaning that the family unit is closer and more unified.
•    With fewer things, you have less baggage and less to move if you choose to move home again in the future.

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