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Moving Furniture On A Lower Cost Basis

Moving Furniture On A Lower Cost Basis

21Nov 2014

Moving furniture is often a mess with dozens of huge boxes scattered throughout the rooms or even on the stairs. The journey becomes even more exhausting and overwhelming when kids and pets stroll around the boxes. When waiting for the moving van, you can easily forget in which box exactly is located each piece of furniture, while thinking of the checklists or the fees for the moving company in the meantime. Often, the giant furniture items require special cares for a transportation and storing, while the pets and the big aquariums with small fish are not exceptions too. The moving house journey can easily change into a quite expensive journey and the furniture objects play a major role for that. Next are a few advices for moving furniture on a lower cost basis.- Take your free time for de-cluttering and sorting of all the items at least a couple of weeks before the move. There are so many useless items and small pieces of old furniture, which you may not need after buying new ones for the new house. So, why to move the old ones in spending extra time, money, efforts and space in the moving van, instead of using a recycling service, for example. The proper sorting of your items before the move will help you to get rid of all the useless items and small furniture pieces like the small chairs or shelves in the kitchen that you`ve always wanted to change. Respectively, less furniture and boxes require a moving van with a less volume space, which lowers the cost too.- Call family and friends for unpretentious or small furniture removals, instead of using the professional help of big a moving company. Of course, there is no need to request or call for quotes, neither to stroll through the sites of the big moving companies when planning a small move for the weekend just outside the city or maybe for the Christmas holidays. Just rent a moving van and organize in advance some friends or if you have stronger kids to help with the moving of the big boxes with furniture. Supply them with gloves for heavy lifting and inspect the route between the front door and the van for any kind of bumps or imperfections on the terrain.- Make your own checklists with simple notes and abbreviations. This will definitely enhance the orientation and it will help to keep everything in order when packing the items, as well as when unpacking after the move. A list with a couple of columns may be enough. One column with the name and the number of the item and one column with the room where it`s located. However, make sure to protect well your furniture with special wrapping materials and tapes, as well as edge protectors for the mirrors and the biggest shelves with fine edges.- Try to find the best furniture moving company in your region, especially when most of the moving items are pieces of furniture. The best moving company doesn`t always mean the most expensive or the biggest one. Usually, when it comes to a relocation in the community or at a close distance, the local companies have offers on a lowest cost basis. Only a van for small objects can even be more useful when you have to cross through the Downtown with all the traffic jams or maybe around the outskirts of the city with small steep roads. A man with a van is another great opt for heavy furniture and more boxes, which is more expensive than hiring only a van, but it`s often on the best cost basis.

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