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How To Move Out Of A High Rise Office

How To Move Out Of A High Rise Office

18Sep 2014

Moving office is difficult enough as it is without also having to coordinate a move out of a high rise office. You may be several floors up and the lifts may be small. You may have a lot of large pieces of furniture and not much of an idea where to start, but with forward planning and clear common sense the task needn't be too difficult at all. You may also share an open plan office with neighbouring companies and will have the tricky task of causing minimal disturbance to them as possible. Here are some ideas and steps to consider when moving office from a high rise.Make a timetable and planBe aware of all the deadlines you'll be working to on all sides. This involves deadlines on the office leases for the old and the new location as well as work flow deadlines. Are you in the middle of project? Do you have a small window between projects? How soon can you have the new phone lines or internet networks up and running properly in the new location? Are you waiting on any other documents or paperwork to be completed before the move? When you have an accurate idea of timings, you can pin down the exact moving date/s and begin a detailed plan of the move itself.Assign tasks and communicate regularlyPhysically moving everything out of the space and all the way down to your hired vans and vehicles can be a simpler process if you are completely in control of the packing side of thing first. If your business is large with different departments then assign a head of packing for each section. They will responsible with tidying up paperwork and packing the smaller items into packing boxes. Have regular meetings to ensure everyone is on top of their area and is aware of the timetable deadlines.Packing supplies and packing etiquetteBe sure to have ample supplies of packing materials for everyone to have access to! This can include sturdy moving boxes of different sizes, a variety of tape rolls, marker pens, labels, string and cables, newspaper and bubble wrap. Then talk everyone through the ideal way to pack their boxes; packing heavier items at the bottom of boxes, not overloading boxes to cause breakages, wrapping and taping delicate items and labelling everything clearly.Organise route from the office to the loading bayIn a high rise building, you'll need to be confident of the route from each area of the office right through to the area where you'll be loading into the van. Are there any stairs? How many lifts are there and how busy are they? What is the maximum weight they can handle? Is there a 'heavy goods' lift you can have access to? Think these questions through carefully when planning your route. Also check with your building's safety regulations. You'll need to be sure you're not obstructing any fire exits or routes during the move and fully talk through your team when to do in the event of a fire when moving out.Hire a professional moving teamThe best option for ease, safety and speed would be to hire in a professional team of movers who can take on the physical move itself. Moving companies are often highly experienced in moving out of high rise buildings and will be able to work with you to coordinate the move. This may cost a little extra, but the benefits are often worth the investment. Your own employees will not have to risk themselves with heavy lifting and loading and you'll have the peace of mind to know that all loading will be carried out properly by the experts!

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