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How To Get Cheap Packing Boxes

How To Get Cheap Packing Boxes

08Sep 2015

One of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of your house removal considerably is to recycle packing boxes. Of course, the boxes that removal companies will supply are definitely strong and sturdy and suited for moving stuff in and you might think that it would be difficult to find such boxes, but you will be surprised to know how easily you can find them, if you know the right things to look for.  You can get a choice of boxes of different sizes and made of different material, even double-boarded ones, which are more sturdy. These will come either free of cost or at a discount, meaning that you can get cheap removals without having to compromise on the quality of the materials you use.

But before we tell you about where you can find boxes for free, we think we should answer some of the queries that you must already have running through your mind.

Will the boxes I find be strong enough?
Yes. Most stores and supermarkets keep these boxes from goods that have been delivered to them. So rest assured that they are Moving Boxes-13_250x187strong enough to carry weight, but of course, it depends on what you intend to pack in them. Although some of them might be damaged, there are still chances that you will find a good number of boxes that you can still use. You can also use tapes to reinforce the box to ensure that they can carry your stuff safely.

Will they be clean enough for to put my stuff in them?
That , of course, depends a lot on what was delivered in them and how they were stored. Obviously you can’t use boxes that are soiled, greasy or smelly but if they are only slightly dirty, you can sue newspapers to line the box before you put the stuff in. This way, the dirt on the inside will not get on your stuff. You can tape the outside such that the box is reinforced as well as covered, so none of the grime and dirt get on your hands while carrying it out to the moving van.packing-company (2)_300x200

What size boxes should I get?
There is no guarantee that you will find boxes of the same size but then again, you will need boxes of different sizes to fit your belongings that are mostly of different sizes and shapes. When picking boxes, make sure that you pick some of the same size so that they can be stacked on top of each other when you are loading them on the van. Remember not to pack the boxes so that they are bulging from the sides, this makes them difficult to stack on top of each other and they can burst open during transit.

Will I find all the boxes I need in one place?
Well, that depends on how many boxes you need and where you look for it. All the boxes you need for a small removal can be normally found at one place, but that might not be true if you are arranging a move for a three bedroom packing-company_250x166apartment. Bigger stores will generally have more boxes available, but you must get there in time before they clean out the shop. In order to get all the boxes you need, you might have to start looking at last four weeks before moving house.

Where can I find boxes?
•    Family and friends
•    Provision stores
•    Supermarkets
•    Office
•    Bookstores
•    Attic/Storage loft
•    Hardware stores
•    Restaurants
•    Big stores
•    Coffee shops and bakeries

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