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After finding your new home and getting rid of your old one, the time has come to consider the packing side of moving. Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to pack everything you own in preparation for the move, which can be a time consuming and somewhat menial task. To pack you will, of course, need to source some sort of transport vessel. You could use a large plastic container, but they cost a fair bit of money and can clutter up your house because they aren’t disposable. The most common transport vessel option is the humble cardboard box – they are cheap, readily available and easily recyclable.

Cardboard boxes are suitable for items that you can hold in your hands: books, pots and pans, DVDs, family photo albums, and whatever else can all easily be stored and transported in a cardboard box. To ensure that none of your items get damaged during the move, buy copious amounts of bubble-wrap. That way even if a cardboard box was to unexpectedly collapse on you, the items will be protected by those lovely plastic bubbles. Below are just a few reasons why you should consider using cardboard boxes as your removal vessels.

1) They’re cheap
In fact they are not just cheap, they can be free! Most large supermarkets will have ample amounts of cardboard boxes ready and willing to give to you. As they deal with multiple deliveries every day, they have more than enough spare cardboard boxes going. Just ask an employee at your local supermarket and they will inform you whether they have any available and where you can get them from. Other than supermarkets, any large superstores should have free cardboard boxes readily available. As they just plan to recycle them anyway, there’s no harm in asking if you can them for free!

Failing getting them for free, cardboard boxes can be bought for modest prices online or at any good office supply store. Although they will of course be more than expensive than acquiring them for free from supermarkets, buying them will not set you back a great deal. One advantage of buying them instead of getting them for free is that you are free to choose the shape and size of your boxes. If you choose to get them for free, you are limited to the shapes and sizes available to you.

2) They are recyclable
After you’re all unpacked and settled into your new home, you can simply dispose of cardboard boxes. Fold them down and put them in your recycle bin, or failing that drive them to your nearest recycling depot. If you can’t see yourself reusing them, then cardboard boxes are probably the right transport vessel option for you. As most council provide a door-to-door recycling collection service, getting rid of them could be as easy as just stepping onto your front steps.

3) They do a more than adequate job when combined with bubble-wrap.
You may be thinking that cardboard boxes are all well and good for items that can withstand a turbulent move, but they will not be suitable for protecting fragile valuables. Well think again: cardboard boxes, in tandem with bubble-wrap, can do a more than adequate job when it comes to protecting your valuables. As bubble wrap is so cheap, you can wrap your valuables with meters of the stuff, which will ensure it will be protected against damages. Even if the box were to tear or collapse on you, if your valuables are wrapped in enough bubble-wrap then they should be able to survive anything that a relocation throws at them.

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